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China One Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in finding and supplying equipment around the world manufactured by leading manufacturers in China.

We do not produce equipment, but we are a reliable intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Within a short time we can offer you several options of the equipment you are interested in, according to your requirements and technical specifications of the equipment.

Equipment produced in China
is not inferior in quality and technical specifications to the equipment produced in Europe, but the cost is 3-5 times cheaper than similar equipment produced in Europe. Equipment from China is one of the most in demand in the world.
Chinese equipment is manufactured using advanced technologies
with using high-quality materials. The most part of all types of equipment sold in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East are produced in China under the brands of local companies. Buying real Chinese equipment, you can be assured of the excellent quality and long service life of the whole mechanism and every single part of it.
At our company work highly qualified specialists
who have extensive experience both with the customer and the equipment manufacturers in different spheres and fields of industry. We are glad to all our customers to do our best to ensure that the customer who contacted to our company was satisfied with the result of our cooperation.

How We Work?


Equipment is delivered directly from the manufacturer's factory from China. Our company concludes a contract with the customer, which specifies all the details related to the supplied equipment and the particularities of the order, as well as the terms of warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment. Basic terms of delivery, terms of production and delivery, payment options, transportation methods, ordering particularities and other.


The cost of equipment is paid according to the following scheme:

  • 50% prepayment by bank transfer (T / T), Western Union, Moneygram.
  • The remaining 50% of the cost of equipment specified in the contract is paid by the buyer after providing of photos and video records of the equipment ready for shipment, and also the copies of the shipping documents (packing list, invoice, bill of lading).
  • The cost and methods of delivery of equipment are discussed additionally. If the buyer decides to deliver the goods on his own, then all shipping costs are borne by the buyer.


Equipment manufacturing takes 10-30 days (lead time depends on kind of equipment and its quantity). Delivery time depends on way of transportation. For example: cargo delivering into your country by sea container depends on load distance. 

In case of providing customer’s equipment supply requisitions, the logistic support of our company provides the fastest and the most comfortable carrier’s route to your country. The transporting terms of carrying goods by rail or by car depend on order’s specific characters and traffic congestion to the target point. All the questions about carrier’s route and its cost (according to customer’s equipment supply requisitions) should be previously discussed.  



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